Calculate Base64 Image Size in Ionic 5 Angular project


In these articles, we will calculate an exact length Base64 photo from the Ionic native Camera|Gallery in Kilobytes. Base64 encodes three bytes to four characters. Sometimes, padding is added in the form of one or two ‘=’ characters. Calculate Base64 Image Size in ionic, let first create an ionic project, and install the required plugin.

To get the length of bytes we use the formula:

(3 * (LengthInCharacters / 4)) - (numberOfPaddingCharacters)

If you are building an ionic application only for a mobile device, then we can use the Ionic Cordova camera plugin otherwise is recommended to use the capacitor camera plugin. To demonstrate angular base64 image size calculation in kilo bytes we’ll use ionic cordova camera to take image in base64 and then perform calculate the image size.

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