Get Facebook user profile picture by ID


If we are going to do Facebook login auhentication in our IONIC app then give us API of basic information data in that their is also path of user profile picture but that give us very low resolution of file and also that file has small dimensions.

This will helps you a lot to achieving best resolution and custom dimensions too” + facebookId + “/picture?type=square For instance:

There are also more sizes besides “square”. See the docs.

You can use following urls to obtain different sizes of profile images. Please make sure to add Facebook id to url.

Large size photo{facebookId}/picture?type=large

Medium size photo{facebookId}/picture?type=normal

Small size photo{facebookId}/picture?type=small

Square photo{facebookId}/picture?type=square

To get largest size of the image{userID}?fields=picture.width(720).height(720) 

or anything else you need as size. Based on experience, type=large is not the largest result you can obtain.


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