AWS – Disconnected : No supported authentication methods available (server sent :publickey)


I had the same problem, by accident mistake. I’ll share it here, in case someone may have made the same mistake.

Basic steps, as others described.

  1. Download putty and puttygen, or the putty package and install it.
  2. Get the .pem file from your AWS EC2 instance.
  3. Use puttygen to convert the .pem file so that you’ll have a private key — mistake happened here. I chose “Conversions” tab from PuttyGen, and load my .pem file. After loading pem file, here DO NOT hit “Generate”, instead directly “Save private key”. That’s the key you need. If you click Generate, you’ll have a totally different pair of keys.
  4. In putty, use, and load the private key at SSH/Auth

Good luck!

Reference Link :- StackOverflow


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